Little Seed by D.D. #StarfishClub #Coffeeandachat #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity #PoetryHub

I found a little seed
It seemed it needed me.
It was brown and shrivelled Discarded, dishevelled.
It looked lost and forlorn On the cold damp lawn.
It needed love and attention, to be watered and fed. I took it to my heart, “ I love you” I said.
I helped the seed to live and breathe.
No time to give up, no time to grieve.
The seed started growing without anyone knowing. And from the love it was given, the seed was driven. By Spring it burst forth, with its need to free
The little brown seed, the seed inside me.
©all rights reserved by the author D.D. 2020

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