The Girl in the Green Dress by D.D. #StarfishClub #PoetryHub #Poetry #WritingCommunity #Coffeeandachat

The girl in green dress, last seen at midnight.

Running down the railway track
She didn’t look back
She just kept on running, last seen at midnight.
The girl in pink, she just couldn’t think Drugs messing with her head
As she crawled into bed.
The girl dressed in cream, wasn’t quite what she seemed In control and demure, underneath insecure.
The girl in red, couldn’t forget what he’d said She just kept on replaying the words in her head.
The girl in green, last seen at midnight
Running down the track , she didn’t look back.
She held hands with the girls in their chiffon and pearls. And linking arms in their pain
They heard the oncoming train.

© all rights reserved by the author D.D. 2020