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At last my restless child sleeps

And as I lie next to her in bed

Into the darkness I stare

A hundred thoughts race through my head

Who on earth left those black boots out there ?

I hear the wind begin to rise

My body becomes frozen with fear

I tightly shut my eyes

As I see your dark shape drawing near

‘Please don’t hurt her’ I scream inside my head

As I reach for my daughter’s hand to hold

The loud rushing air passes through us

But it’s warm and not cold

Then silence

You are gone

Weeks later

And another sleepless child joins me in my bed

I stare into the darkness once more

But this time I am not afraid

As I see your dark shape by the door

I gently close my eyes

Only loud rushing air can be heard

As I wait for you to pass by

I know there’s nothing to fear

Then silence, you are gone

Time passes

Now it’s me who cannot sleep

I return downstairs as I struggle with the pain

The streetlight casts shadows across the floor

And before I even look I sense you are here again

But this time it’s different

The rushing air is hotter and louder

I feel you pulling , pulling me

Gripping my back and my shoulders

Are you taking me with you ?

Is it my time to leave?

Then silence, you are gone

And so is my pain

You have never returned

©all rights reserved by the author Sandie 2020