Dark Enemy by Sandy #StarfishClub #Coffeeandachat #WritingCommunity #PoetryHub #PoetryCommunity #Poetry

You can’t see it, hear it, smell it

This silent killer that’s invaded our shores

It’s crossed cities and villages

Mountains and Moors.

It’s taken our loved ones, brave workers

Their grandchild, his wife.

No one is safe, as we all wait together

In fear of our lives.

I see cows, sheep and wildlife

Roaming woodlands and fields.

They have more freedom than us

As we stand still, fearing to yield.

Birthdays, anniversaries

are passing us by

There are no hugs or kisses

Just FaceTime or Skype

We all stood together and sang

“We’ll meet again”

But when will this dark killer

Stop it’s heartache and pain

When will we feel no longer afraid

To live free, and just breathe

Will it be God or the scientists

That force this cruel enemy to leave

©all rights reserved for and by the author Sandie 2020