Growing Old by Sandie #StarfishClub #Coffeeandachat #PoetryHub #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Poetry

He walks out the front door and up the drive to the street, 

Stops and looks both ways , hoping for people to meet.

The youngster opposite runs across the road , she wants to play,

But after a few hops and skips around his feet she hops and skips away.

So many new ones live here now, he’s starting to feel old.

Some of them are scared of him, or so he has been told.

He turns and walks back down the drive,

Taking the garden path to the side.

He constantly looks and listens to know if someone’s there,

He stops. Sits. Into the distance he stares.

He can’t remember why he is here in this place,

Then he hears someone call his name. Looks, he knows her face.

Slowly he climbs the steps to the patio door,

And sees her smiling from above.

She bends and scoops him up from the floor.

He’s safe. He purrs, he knows he’s loved.

©all rights reserved by the author Sandie 2020