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Close age set us apart

Yet I thought I could choose the sisterhood or brotherhood

And we set against ourselves yet we asserted our boundaries and you asserted yours over me

As I did you yet you saved the day each and every time from other you always did

To my rescue you came each time

As teenagers I tried to protect you from the harshness of dads treatment to mum you see and remember this not and so to you and tried to undo his works to us

As they split yet you I wanted to run but strong I had to remain and though the shadow possessed self took reign

Recognised her not you did

For she carried her illness

Forgiveness I sought from you

Yet forgiveness of the shadow self for passing through this vessel I stand now to say to you I overcome

And as painful as the journey was

I would not change a single thing for lessons swerved but one after the other

Out of tsunamis I remained steadfast and strong against this might

For it shook us all but it led me to think I was on my own

The black sheep I thought I was yet acceptance

Is what we have

We have each other

You have all your dreams aligned in one babe in arms was there borne unto you

For he holds all the wonder

He brings all the joy

He my nephew is our welsh prince for he aligns all of our tribes and clans of many within our ancestral lines become aligned through him within our white wolf 🐺 to us the gift to our family was borne and breaths for he is the wonder and the magic

And forged our sibling hood and yet even closer again

©all rights reserved to and by the author MeJ 2020