The 14th Year by MEJ #StarfishClub #Coffeeandachat #WritingCommunity #PoetryHub #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #PTSD

On the fourteenth year of my birthdate

I thee met

13 years my elder to me

Courtship followed

Until I was 16

The car you crashed on purpose

All night out

No phones

School tomororw

Mum will be worried

Farmer towing the car with the tractor

I was humiliated

All assumed I did things

But that I did not!

Yet on my 16th birthday we did yet you ran off straight after into the dead of night

All lies dispelled

I see you now still expecting me to greet you

And though I forgive you

I choose for my eyes to see right through you and look in the opposite direction here on in

For a man in sheep’s clothing you will always remain

©all rights reserved by the author MEJ 2020