Freedom! By MEJ💫🧚🎀💫#StarfishClub #Coffeeandachat #PoetryHub #WritingCommunity #Poetry #PTSD #PoetryCommunity

Sexual exploitation a constant

You stripped me bare inside and out

For all to see on your phone videos taken under duress voice severed

Stockholme Syndrome prevalent again

Believed knots in tummy were of the butterfly variety when the opposite is the said

The art of suggestion you mastered dischorded tune bellowed out your soul

Distortions of truth befell your mouth

Dishcord led laced tune carried yet enthralling

Performing as your slave the only language you understood was sex

Performances for the sex movies to show

All a thret of control over me escaping your al abusive ways from you

For force and suggestion your tools

For I was a trained donkey

Monkey dog and rat

Yet this treatment I turned to an asset for lessons I now see

Under your spell no more

For I set myself free from the mental abuse you dispelled my way sexually you abused me also

For threts befell from your mouth

Trying to break my sprit

Yet you very nearly did

But free I am from you !!

©all rights reserved by the author