6 Weeks by D.D #StarfishClub #PoetryHub #Coffeeandachat #WritingCommunity #Poetry #PoetryCommunity @coffeeandachat1

For six weeks he sat there glowering at me, scowling at me staring at me with a furrowed brow not one word would pass his lips.
For six weeks I cooked his meals
silently, quietly.
His looks could kill from the other side of the room Trying to stare me out
But I wasn’t going anywhere.
Man and wife, in name only.
For six weeks we slept in the same bed a thousand miles apart
with no bridge to gap the frozen abyss.
“I’ve been to a Solicitor” I said one day “He tells me I have a claim”.
The next morning, after six weeks he woke up, and said “I love you”.
©all rights reserved for the author D.D.2020