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Lead in hand, out the door we rush, my four legged friend and me.

And follow the path that soon takes us down to the sea.

Along the beach, into the dunes

We find ourselves all too soon

At the cottage by the sea.

You stop once more and will not pass

Then cower down amongst the spiky grass.

Feeling brave I follow the overgrown path

Which takes me to the peeling, faded blue door

I peer through the cracked, cobweb laced windows

And see an old wooden table, standing in the middle of the floor.

Strangely, on it a knife sits angled in a dish of gold.

At the bottom of the stairs hangs a hat and coat

All with a story to be told.

I’ve heard many tales of who once lived here

But can’t understand why It fills my small friend with such fear.

Many years have passed, and I’ve moved away

But I miss my friends, and so decide to visit one day

I spot a familiar figure, holding onto his hat, bending to the wind, his dog at his side

They quickly cross the beach to beat the incoming tide.

I join them along the path through the dunes

We walk together silently, and very soon

We reach the cottage by the sea.

And how different it now looks  to me.

In front lies a white fenced, bejeweled garden, of colours so bold

The front door is painted a buttery gold

The walls shine out in the sun, the windows now framed with lace.

I turn, and see tears roll down your face

I reach down to hold your hand, but it passes through like shifting sand

I look back and it’s gone! Now where it stood

Lies nothing but stones, pieces of glass and wood.

What is it’s story? What draws us here today

And then I remember,

It was once you and me

Who lived in the cottage by the sea.

©all rights reserved by the author Sandie 2020