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For I know I was

Suppressed for so long

My freeze frame film real

House party of whom I know not it belonged bathroom you entered unasked I was

The merit of



When and


I still afford not with the chilling memories that haunt me

Suppressed for so long

Triggers for I see both your faces still to this date walk around this place

An injustice for too long

Putting on me my vessel went into shock to get it over quicker

Forgiveness I offer to myself for I knew not your hidden planned agenda to add to your portfolios. Sickens this vessel

Haunted by the smells and taste

Dirty unclean

For you are both demons of the most unkind

Shock wrestles my body

Shock wrestles with my mind

The sight of both of you yet local you still remain drugged up you both got me for these memories and flashbacks are disjointed in haze

I feel sick in the stench of this freeze frame

Clean myself I have to do

For I was violated with shame and sickness thereafter but forgive you both I do but it does not mean I have to say hi any longer for distance and I see through you so you both become invisible to me once again once more

©all rights reserved By the author MeJ 2020