The Raindrop Strom by Myfanwy #StarfishClub #PoetryHub #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1 #WritingCommunity #BraveWords #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #PTSD #ItsOkaynottobeOkay

The thunder explodes through and between the clouds the shake and wake of the sky

The call of the thunder to start the reply of lightning as it’s orchestra

The call of its opera show begins

For the call of thunder steps forward to this soul in one for all is ever aligning moment by Moment

A new layer of healing and alignment within the call of thunder to bring the still pause to the downpour

For there is magic in riding the flow of the storm

For there is magic in standing before the thunder

For there is magic in watching the lightning

For this is the magic I choose to see within i me and myself

The wonder

The splendour

The favoured blessing galore

Humbling Gratitude befalls for at last I feel

The storms within

I survived

I have conquered

I reign victorious

For each bellow of thunder calls and awakes me within

The dance of lightning is a beautiful composition that shines through the raindrops storm

©all rights reserved by the author Myfanwy 2020