stranded, isolated, perfect by Aneurin Gareth Thomas #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Poetry #PoetryHub #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

no, not at the moment

but after, hoping the neighbours are deaf

you say, after the creaking bed bangs wood

against paper thin wall,

paper thick floorboards

still here, we are

stranded, not desperate;

i’ve got nowhere to go now

Eyjafjallajokull has splurted a plume

ice, glass, silicon, fluorine, confusion

closing me down, perfectly trapped

and you, are you tired of me now,

my presence an old ice fog

heavy round your neck

strangling your peace, your happiness

with my ash, my fallout?

we need our isolation, perhaps

a seclusion to breathe alone;

what was it you quoted:

about protecting each other’s solitude

while i’m still here there’s always Baudelaire

for breakfast, or a bit of Yeats:

“For are you not the oasis where I dream”

in Paris or “Eternal beauty wondering on her way“

in Dublin

and there’s always the bed,

to learn from, for each other

so drift into me, lean into me

and the neighbours are there

to be disturbed yet again

until I have to go, back, away

leaving you eventually

but you’ll see, I will not disappear

nor you from inside this thing of me

but what would Rilke have said

about airports shutting down, empty

what does love consist of then

with nothing to protect or touch,

stranded, isolated, perfect.


18th April 2010© Aneurin Gareth Thomas, 2020

(Note: The volcanic disruption stopped all European flights from the 15h of April 2010 for 9 days. Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in a letter over a hundred years ago that “Love consists of protecting each others’ solitude”.)