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“What did I see in those black eyes of yours ?
I was bewitched , beguiled, I saw no flaws.
I wrote Greensleeves for you in the heat of my passion Lost in desire for the kisses you ‘d ration.
I murdered for you, I slaughtered for love
As I prayed for forgiveness from the good Lord above.
I divided my country for those raven black eyes Burned priests at the stake, ignoring their cries. I severed ties with Rome , I divorced my Queen Bled England dry, I bled her clean.
I wanted an heir it was my command
And I’ll get what I want, I’ll get my demand.
“It’s a girl your Highness, a fine healthy daughter Christened this day with Holy Water”.
“You will pay dearly Madam, for I was deceived A son you said, a son we’d conceived.”
And as I open the letter you last lovingly wrote
The fine Boleyn pearls will slip from your throat.
©all rights reserved to the author D.D.2020