TOUR by Ode Clement 💫#StarfishClub #PoetryHub #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1 #WritingCommunity #BraveWords

When asleep my mind embarks on tourGoing to far places my legs can’t reachSearching for best time that can be keptSearching for a key that opens the locket
Flying with the eagles across the mountainFlying with the dolphins exploring the seaThrough the amazon, following the creekThereafter going up high reaching the peak
Traveling through time as I control my flightWith closed eyes I go on to find my sightSoaring in beauty of imagination as I restA time my thoughts are free to fly far away
I’m Going on tour, no visa no boundariesRelaxing a stressed mind from much work
Sonnet h20Written By: ODE CLEMENT IGONIPublished by: CALM STORM Publishing

©all rights reserved by author ODE CLEMENT 2020

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