Life A Beginning By Elizabeth Beetham 💫 #StarfishClub #Poetry #PoetryHub #PoetryCommunity #Writing #WritingCommunity #BraveWords #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

A small chrysalis

Cold dank darkness is her life

Suddenly she feels warmth

A glimmer of light

She stretches and pushes

The shell-like tomb cracks

Fear of the unknown awakes

And keeps her still

She is safe in her darkness

But dreams of hope and light

Light was there at the beginning

There is knowledge that she can fly

A sense of encouragement

Pervades this moment

She is not alone

The universe needs her to fly

The dark cask opens

The light shines

She stretches out her wings

Today she flies.

© all rights reserved by author Elizabeth Beetham