‘Across the nightingale floor’ by Lian Hearne first of the Book of the Otori series – TAKEO by Myfanwy 💫 #StarfishClub #PoetryHub #Poetry #Writing #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

The village that lay hidden to all

No longer

For all I cherish lay dead before my eyes

The Tohan behind this brutality

And escape I found from the brutal lord

He saved me

Yet grief struck tied in shock

Yet mourning is not afforded to me

Yet a state of gratitude overwhelms me

Our lives are now tied for I will serve to protect his life as he protected mine.

The more we walk the more I notice my senses growing accute hearing of the calls of songs in each house I hear

For all houses have their own songs

People carry their songs to yet thoughts I catch of them

I am one with Mino for he is my trusty stead

All things living and static have their own songs if you surrender to hearing to listening

now somehow

I can split myself into many

Guises I carry with each extension of this split soul shift

A shape shifter some may say in this split self state.

For this state of self


another behind though when startled disappears like a mirage before your eyes.

Having just spoken to the people I appear to in this state.

For this is the gift of the hidden

my tribe

My clan

My family

My community

For shape shifting is but one of the many gifts my unknown father left in me

He was murdered deemed the assassin of death he was known.

Details I knew not as growing up.

Yet he shape shifted also.

So I stand here to fight against the brutality of Iida the Tohan

Who love killing for killings sake

All underestimate me and I am glad they do

for they know not the secrets and gifts I carry and this is the advantage I offer to the one who saved me at the hands of Iida

Love I hold

Yet these feeling upon seeing her

Took my breath and soul away

I knew not love till I met Kaede

It is her

For I am winded everytime my eyes lay on hers

Our souls link together

For when I am with her alive I feel.

When apart I long to hear her breath

Though my life is not my own to claim you as my bride for the remaining leaders of hidden lay claim on me for my master lays slain.

Yet how I long for this for my dead master I was to inherit his throne as an adopted son

But yet still the hidden lay claim on me.

My life will never be the same though I long for kaede and my heart aches for her and her alone

For I am TAKEO if the hidden KiKuta.

(Across the nightingale floor by Lian Herne is one of a trilogy series the books of the Otori it has always remained my favourite books; so this is a small snapshot of the adventure this series of books fills me with every time I read it something else resonates further with me for is not life full of this wonder and marvel for we all possess gifts that lay dormant so what other secret gifts do we possess)

©all rights reserved to the author Michelle 09/2020