DEADENED DOWN THERE by Sue Williams 💫 #BraveWords #Poetry #PoetryHub #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity #StarfishClub #Writing #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

  • I feel deadened,
  • down there,
  • A distended desert of dreams,
  • unrealised,
  • Dried out, destitute,
  • a desolation
  • Of dormant desire.
  • Cowed by a clinging clamour of stalactites,
  • Grim reality, hangs suspended,
  • Banished to a barren bat cave,
  • Where shadowy, silent, sentinels.
  • Stifle the sweet, suffused, sanctity of motherhood.
  • ©all rights reserved to the author Sue Williams

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