The Last Notebook by Bogdan Dragos 💫 #PoetryHub #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #Writing #WritngCommunity #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1 #BraveWords

he takes his old wrinkled


and the black pen

and finds a

spot from which he can observe

the people

and write down what he

imagines to be their inner


It passes the time

and it takes away

attention from his own

inner conversations

It’s like a prescription drug

he has to take for the

rest of his life

and the twenty-nine bookshelves

filled with notebooks

he has at home stand as proof of that

But this will be

the last one,

he promised himself

as he closed the notebook and

walked up to the bridge

around the smokey hole

You can still be good

at what you do

without liking

what you do

It’s more common than

you’d imagine

The words reflected his face

in the steamy bathroom mirror

He watched

until he felt cold in his


and shivered

reached for the towel


got out of the bathroom

put on clothes

and returned to his writing


The blank page was ugly

unlike the somewhat encouraging

words on the steamy mirror

He reached into the drawer

pulled out the pen

stuck it into his mouth

clicked it

Reached again into the drawer

pulled out the gun

pointed it at the blank page


He wrote for the remainder of

the day and the next

night around the smokey hole

It was finally


dating preferences

the phone rang at 03:08

unknown number

Well, the bleeding wound

on his forehead prevented him

from sleeping anyway

He picked up


“Hey,” a girl’s voice said. “Are

you the guy who

has a thing for crazy girls fresh out

of the psych ward?”


“Am I speaking to the guy who’s

very much into dating

sexy girls with mental issues that

other guys refer to as red flags?”

“Who is this?” he asked

“Oh no, this is not

about me. I just wanted to

introduce you to my sister. I think she

fits the bill quite perfectly

with you. What do you say?”

He sighed. “Tell her I’ll call back

once my current girlfriend

breaks up with me. I hope she’s patient. It’ll

take a good couple of hours. Bye.”

He hung up

a successful first date

she slid out of that short

skirt and

removed the panties as well

and hopped on the bed

and took off her shirt

and bra

then assumed the lotus

position and

very calmly said, “You got like…

a needle and some rubbing alcohol?”

“Um, what for?” he asked

She looked him

in the eyes. “I want you to

watch me pierce my

nipples. I’ve some cute rings

I want to see shining in ’em.

So, you down for it?”

He was silent for a long

time. Just staring

at her tits. “Um… I’m out of rubbing

alcohol. Will some

vodka do?”

“It won’t be nearly as

good,” she said, “but hell,

let’s give it a shot.”

His mind was already ablaze with

images of her

being his wife


there was


no other way

some things just have

to be done

else you risk dying

from the urge alone

Urge can kill

and his urge was

like the need

to inhale after exhaling



There was no reason tied

to it other than

the desire to see what

happens, how

it’ll turn out

so he did it

that’s why they don’t see

him around


He is now the stuff

of legends

He’ll forever be the silent kid

who brought a knife

to the playground

because he wanted

desperately to stab it

through the underside of

the plastic slide

while someone came down towards it

it didn’t matter who

©all rights are reserved to the author Bogdan Dragos