Smile by Natalie Varela💫#BraveWords #StarfishClub #Poetry #PoetryHub #PoetryCommunity #Writing #WritingCommunity #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

In between when the birds are quiet and the stars are at their peak

there is you and there is me

I didn’t know I could lay out who I was at anyone’s feet

You don’t know that you are safety

But you talk of leaving here in the 2 am glow

You talk of who you want to be and places you’ll go

We talk of where we go when we die

Deeply tangled you are in my life

Rooted in me, you can’t leave me behind

Not just ships that pass in the night

I hear your boot steps consume the sound of the halls

If I can’t hear the sound of your voice then I want nothing at all

You say I have a smile that can make a man do absolutely anything

From you’ll I’ll need just one small thing

Be forever mine. Never leave

© all rights reserved by the author Natalie Varela 2020