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The story I tell begins before tongue,

before the screech, the roar, and the hissing

of elements embattled to make of themselves

creational worlds and Fohat had yet to cause

It has no meaning to you twice-born

until I caused life to know death.

After the cooling Earth formed crust

and the sulphurous clouds ceased their circle,

there I took lung from the water and filled it with air.

After cooling, and the first trees had breathing leaves

souls were born….

Light encrusted with matter in hope of Salvation,

Fish, fowl, amphibia, and latterly beasts.

Yes, they were soul born; amoebic hopes

that by tempest, fire, and the heat of ice

evolved by birth and death in every season.

Taking as when taking must; leaving be,

not having when having was no need.

Yes, I was well pleased with progress

however, success has its own undoing,

Light separated from the Seeds of Soul.

I should have known, identifying Myself

with creation -the cause is of Me

and the cause is unrepentant.

The cause became two -two became three

Mind became Matter, Matter became mind….

And so, twice-born, soon to be thrice,

many times born of my wheel forming heaven

and sired by the captive imprisoned Hur,

there’s no end to your becoming until I cease.

Light and Matter will then achieve peace.

© TonyAshenden

All rights reserved to the author Tony Ashenden

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