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Rise high

My hope

Never left

Arisen Above each

I have met

Each Demon

I know their face

To each I arise

Though several remain

Yet on pause

I keep them

For each carry

A root forged hook

Running through the core

For(e) the demons

On larger scales

Yet mute I render them

For the testimony

Of each demon

I will cast

Yet the surface layer

I gave

For it is more

Palatable this way

For all demons

Leave a

tangy bitter stank taste.

Yet they taunt

So this I cast free

For writing helps me

Yet my hope this

May help one

For my shock

Acted opposite

To conventional shock

For this

Mirrored Bipolar

Yet Bipolar it is not

PTSD it is

18 years my illness sentance

Bought silence

18 years

The torment nearly free

So I choose to live

Though they taunt.

©all rights reserved to the author Myfanwy 2020

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