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There are some words in this poem you may not be familiar with. In order of mention they are as follows:
Hur: Is the name given to the inner core of planet Earth -the primary source of matter and mind root from which Earth developed.
Aster: Is the name of a large planet in the Milky Way which exploded and gave birth to our solar system.
Fohat: Is the animating principle electrifying every atom into life. During the process of manifestation, it is the cosmic energy which produces differentiation of primordial cosmic matter to form the different forms of consciousness, therefore Fohat is the link between Spirit and Matter, subject and object.
The twice & thrice born person addressed by the creator in the last stanza should not be regarded as a pattern of reincarnation, rather they describe a process of soul reformation. Twice-born is earthly reformation, Thrice-born is heavenly reformation. This kind of reformation can otherwise be defined as ‘the camel able to pass through the eye of a needle’.

The story I am about to tell began

before the first ammonite hardened its shell,

before your blackheart mountains were rivers of red

and swims of clear water had not yet fallen as rain;

before even Hur was cast into Hell

and the soporific dust that held prison his might

had yet to be formed from the celestial storm

of Aster’s last embrace with the stars.

© all rights reserved by the author Tony Ashenden

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