Apenrade Straße by Aneurin Gareth Thomas💫#StarfishClub #poetry #BraveWords #writing #WritingCommunity #poetrycommunity #PoetryHub @coffeeandachat1 #Coffeeandachat

There’s a bus to Solitüde you take,

I’ve tried a few times

but I find I can get there without leaving home.

A hundred things to do in Flensburg

  before you die,

until night, that is, and wine poured later,

the sweet cold evening, the bar on a boat

  going nowhere:

blankets against the cutting Förde wind we warm

with laughter to hide our pains.

And later as you sleep, dizzily alone

I creep round your flat,

a thief, no a rodent,

a mouse fleeing a cat on the creaking floor

the boards, wood like Baltic debris

swept up on the shore,

walking the paths round the hollow silent rooms

lost, until the glow of first day again

and you again:

from the freshness of the sun

in your perfect skin at dawn

to the shimmering green sea

of your eyes at night

all these times of the day of you 

these hours and moments of joy,

I lose myself in your honey voice

I forget myself then and find something at last:

Your Straße is my place

   now, and back then before I knew it.

There is a volcanic haze about to fall,

we are told,

an Icelandic cold after the April sun,

leaving us trapped

in sulphur and dust, you look up at the sky

red in awe,

I inwards at my ensnared ideas, dark

spellbound then

and now by you:

these thoughts of your chastity bed

too small for two,

no matter how tiny I learnt to make myself.


15th April 2010

© Aneurin Gareth Thomas 2020