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Druids- Deru in Welsh is the truth

Drus in Greek is Oak

But Who do you picture?

A Male with his staff?

Yet women were Druids

Within these Celtic lands.

For men tended to men;

Women tended to women.

healers of the mind





Scientists of their time


War Strategies known

Religious Leaders

All combined; rolled into one.

A magician/witches; they now seem to be known.

For they were

the leaders of their community;

of the time.

All combined and entwined!

Yet the lands were pillaged

Women & Children of them

burned & drowned

Some were –

Deemed lucky to escape;

in vessels that promised hope to cross the pond.

Yet Henry the VIII & Edward VI

Banned their native tongue;

Burned and culled the books of this native lands tongue.

To speak Welsh was deemed a crime!

Make Wales pay!

For this was a pagan way;

And deemed unholy!

And to have; no place within the ideals of the new time

and new the wave order!

For their now; newly acquired lands.

Yet the blood of the lands

runs deep in this land

And stood;

the test of time

For one reference

Denoted in Caesar

As far back as 55 BC

One written reference!

And traded with Rome

Yet it goes back further.

© all rights reserved to MEJ 2018

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