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Druids- Deru in Welsh is the truth

Drus in Greek is Oak

But Who do you picture?

A Male with his staff?

Yet women were Druids

Within these Celtic lands.

For men tended to men;

Women tended to women.

healers of the mind






Scientists of their time


War Strategies known

Religious Leaders



MPs for their clan

All combined;

And rolled into one.

A magician/witches; they now seem to be known.

For they were

the leaders of their community;

of the time.

Representing each clan

All combined and entwined!

Yet the lands were pillaged

Women & Children of them

burned & drowned

Deemed witches of a cult

Villages and towns

Cleansed lands so they deemed

Some were –

Deemed lucky to escape;

in vessels that promised hope to cross the pond

Refuge sought from the madness the locked and bewitched the royals of the time.

For slavery was rife in these lands

With every conquer.

Yet Henry the VIII & Edward VI

Banned their native tongue;

Burned and culled the books of this native lands tongue.

Killed all who spoke

this then deemed

Devils tongue.

To speak Welsh was deemed a crime!

One for your life!

Make Wales pay!

For their pagan ways;

deemed unholy!

to have; no place within the ideals of the new time

The royals created

Is built upon.


The new the wave order!

For their now; newly acquired lands.

Yet the blood of the lands

runs deep

in this land

And in their hands.

For this stood;

the test of time

For one reference

Denoted in Caesar

As far back as 55 BC

One written reference!

And traded with Rome

Yet it goes back further.

Yet welsh lives on!

© all rights reserved to MEJ 2015

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