“Faith” By Arati Banstolađź’« #StarfishClub #BraveSouls #writing #WritingCommunity #poetry #poetryhub #poetrycommunity

You are the light
That hit my sight,
Defeating the darkness
That made me blind.
Blind, to not be able to-
To see how much pain
I was giving to you;
By not having
The faith in you,
That there is a reason
For everything you do.
I searched and searched
For the friends around,
But you were the one
Who didn’t let me drown.
Drown, from the ocean-
Ocean of sorrow and pain;
You lifted me up
Again and again.
From now on I won’t be
Letting you down,
For you are the one
Who is my own.
From every struggle
I went through,
You taught me to
Have faith in you.
I was blind and
Drowning in pain;
My dear Almighty,
You lifted me up
Again and again;
And taught me how
Faith can move mountain.

© all rights reserved by the author Arati Banstola 2020