How I remember the sunset by Sabdapalan 💫 #BraveWrites #BraveSouls #poem #poetry #poetrycommunity #writing #WritersLift #WritingCommunity #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

Yes, I too was there
But do not remember the argument
Or the anger
Or the accusations
Or counter allegations
I remember sitting in the corner
Admiring the sunset
Sipping a pina colada
And the gentle breeze
I think I remember when all of you arrived
But not at all when you left

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  1. Wow
    हा थे वही थे सब वही थे
    थी हवाए भी वहाँ
    देख रही थी किरणे भी
    बोले कुछ वहाँ।।

    फैलाओ प्रकाश जग में
    भगाओ अँधेरा यहा
    लो प्रेरणा हम से आप
    बोले किरणे वहां।।

    Yes they were all the same
    There was wind
    Rays were also looking
    He said something there.

    Spread light in the world
    Shove dark here
    Take inspiration from you
    The rays said there.

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