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the man down the alley and across the street

is my guard, my night owl who beckons the night

a lamp-post squared and watching; the neighborhood

his cigarette glows, he puffs

with nary a ruffle of his body he sits; perched

in the early pitch of morn’

as i walk khalil, my fearful chocolate lab

past the obelisk monuments

of beeswax neighbors

sleeping with solid vacancy

they are resting now

while the streets hum quietly, expecting their return

a distant lowing bark, muffles the gray black dawn

my heart races, moves me along my routine path

allowing khalil to sniff briefly

at the sleeping earth’s musk

marking his scent upon its’ dew

and as the sun’s messengers begin to call

i retreat, while suddenly, silently, one by one

they awake and attack daybreak.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

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