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Dost thou love with all thine heart & soul?

Dost thou love with all thine mind?

Dost thou love with all thine being?

In unity to synergise

In Peace,

In Serenity,

In harmony.

To attract yet more divine love and loves.

To let go & surrender;

To remove the shadow self

That once walked ahead.

So the divine self pushed back the shadow self

To be aligned within-

No one can do this for you

I’ve willed this shadow self back;

to walk behind me once more!

To dissolve the shadow self away.

Armed With a sense of wonder;

I look at thine self –

eye to eye;

within the many looking glass’,

reflections of reflections

to find the truth of thine self that once was left behind.

This is serenity –

This is harmony –

This is divine love to the self to offer others authentically.

© all rights reserved to the author MEJ 2018

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