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The label of bipolar

I struggled to shed

For denial of having it is on the list

Yet I had to go through this

I had to show that this was an error

So all the courses I took on

to show

To demonstrate

That it was that this label was wrongly assigned

For this was only based on what my behaviour was showing

Only through this journey

Where I never gave up hope

Kept me on the right path

Though I walked on a knifes edge

So I kept my head down

striving and living

Adapting new changes to push my growth

The mission to work on the self

The more I put in the more

The more they could see

That my promiscuity was/is shock from so many traumas

Yet I was mute

due to shock

I was mute a passive soul

I was mute a fixer of souls

Yet I needed to be fixed within

So here I stand to say to you

I trust this next soul of the counsellor variety to tackle each head on to shed the caterpillar self

Yet I find my humility in having faced this journey…

To be humble is all I have strived for

And this journey has humbled me to a gratitude attitude within

For me this is where true beauty lays

Yet my work is never done

For Now the real work begins

For the challenge is to face head on each trauma in a safe space

So that pain of each trauma is faced

For I already have peace within

And more peace will follow you in this pursuit

For they will all be cast out

one by one

For the flashbacks tried to launch their attack without any knowing

Accidents of the toilet variety happened and would take me unawares.

Yet I stand here and say

I nearly believed that this would be my new normal

To now relinquish my power over each and every one

Out of my story may more others be helped

This is the aspiration of my mind to help others with similar truths being overcome .

Never give up

Keep chipping away small steps created consistently prove to be the biggest leaps in years to follow….

© 2020 all rights reserved by the author Michelle

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