Microphone Stands Before Me – SUMMON YOUR VOICE by Sue Williams 💫 #BraveWrites #WritingCommunity #poem #poetry #Coffeeandachat @coffeeandachat1

The microphone stands before me.

Beyond, stretching into space,

Rows of empty benches.

Each absorbs a trace

Of speeches past,


By every creed and race.

Dare I approach the podium,

Claim my rightful place?

At the back they’ll hardly hear me,

Unless I project my voice.

Will the spoken word endear me

To the harshest critics present,

From whom others take their cue?

Foolhardy, will they fear me,

As with wit and words I turn the screw,

Squeeze their limited expectations,

Keeping them scared and small,

Pick them up and shake them,

Hold them rapt, in thrall?

Mine is the power,

The energy, the light.

My words they will devour,

Ecstatic with delight;

As long as I don’t cower,

Tremulous with stage fright…

© all rights reserved to the author Sue Williams

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