Vibrational Thoughts by Michelle ✨#StarfishClub #poetry #poem #PoetsHub #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1

Carry their energy,

Carry their own fields;

Carry their own signals.

Within dischord

Within chords

That create off key

Or a harmonised melody.

Each attract like.


Or Positive.

So let’s play with our own

Noted vibrational thoughts.




With the focus,

With the filters;

With dynamism.

To enhance our own;

Inner universe

To enhance our own;

Outer universe,

To bestow these gifts freely,

For a change of heart-

Follows a change in behaviour.

To seize our own unique roles.

To ever grow

To ever nurture, unconditionally,

Our own chorded melody to attract more harmonised melodies in our life’s adventure.

Making everyday count.

© all rights are reserved and protected to the author Michelle 2020

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