NONLETHAL by Traveller Speaking ✨ #poetry #poem #WritingCommunity @Coffeeandachat1 #PoetsHub

Take me on the beach

Where we swam in the deep,

Cold, salty waters

Under the sun

Where the birds and mountains

Are dancing heavenly
Take me in the planes,

Where we cross over islands and borders

Beneath the clouds

That looks like the sea,

Of serendipity
Hold me close

In your embrace

And make me yours

In this haze

I overdose
You took me

Where the waves

And turbulence


The fear in the depth of waters

And the height of weather,
You make me yours

Inthe beach,

in the waters,

In the planes,

below the weather

Take me there to overdose.

© all rights reserved and protected to the author Traveller Speaking 2020

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