Sands of time by Goutam Dutta 💫 #poem #PoetsHub #poetry #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1

Grains of time in a jar

Each one etched with a memory,

Precious moments of mine.

When it is therefore time to go

How can I leave them behind?

Away I wish to carry my moments 

On the eternal journey of mine.

Stop there will you please mortal?

No one has ever

Been able to claim time as one’s own.

The moments that you claim as yours

Are but mere illusions of your mind. 

Time is universal and not anyone’s alone.

It is impartial and treats all as unknown.

Yet you humans, naïve that you are,

Like to label moments, as per your desire.

A moment that is good to you,

May bring tears in eyes of another

And one where you felt cheated

Had a bright spark in store for other.

So proceed on your journey fellow human

Content in this one sole knowledge

Time itself is the journey that you undertake

And not one in which 

you can afford carrying a baggage.

© reserved by author Goutam Dutta

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