Opinions & Judgements: Facts I think not by Michelle 💫 #IAM #StarfishClub #poem #WritingCommunity #WiseWords #PoetsHub #ThriveTogether @CoffeeandaChat1 #DBT @DrLinehan

I stand; Now, relaxed to face,

Opinions that are not my own

Judgements that are not my own.

For it shall be known;

Opinions are not facts.

Judgements are not facts.

So a re-forged trusted circle

Kept small; Kept Secure.

To stand against these slights

To stand against all opinions,

To stand against these non-facts.

For every action;

Tests my reaction,

Tests my strength,

Tests my temperance.

Yet; tests will always follow;

This is a fact of life;

This is the nature of living;

For each test;

Serves to help me bloom & grow.

So with an open heart;

I judge not the tests;

I judge not the opinions;

I judge not the judgements.

For this aids my once severed voice to raise its call.

For this aids my rationality.

For this aids my objectivity,

For this aids my gratitude; to celebrate that I am alive.

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