LIFE IS A MARKET by Ode Clement 💫 #wisewords #BraveWrites #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1 #ThriveTogether

Life is a market, somedays we buy painGoing out to trade hoping to make gainWanting the good life comes with priceOn a sudden day the profit come thrice
Life is a market, things I want I can’t buyWorking hard each day until it comes byPaying the ultimate sacrifice for the nextTaking the weight off their head, free necks
Life is a market, I want to buy best of timeMany more coming after me, next in lineKeeping places they come into and smileIs what I wish for most days of my life
Life is a market, breathing its bloodlineA priceless realm going far into eternal

Sonnet j1Written by: ODE CLEMENT IGONIPublished by: CALM STORM Publishing

© all rights are reserved and protected to the author ODE CLEMENT 2020

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