“You and I” by Arati Banstola 💫 #wisewords #ThriveTogether #WritingCommunity #poem @CoffeeandaChat1

You and I-
Under the sky,
Beneath the trees:
Holding the hands,
Unwilling to leave!
My heart is full,
Singing with the birds-
The sweet melodies!
My soul is filled
With a very clear,
Yet so strange emotion-
Dancing in the breeze!
Even the barren land
Has ceased to grieve;
The sky that was dull,
The thunder so loudly heard,
The rain, and those mournful cries-
Have now widely grinned;
And pricked up the ears,
Willing to hear our unvoiced notion!
You and I…You and I…
Under the sky,
Looking at our spirit
Reflected in our eyes!
Embracing the love
That never dies!
You and I…You and I…

© all rights reserved and protected to the author Arati Banstola (Anvi) 2020

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