How Come by D.D. 💫 #StarfishClub #poem #ThriveTogether #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1

How come the night is so still and silent and calm ? When there is no stillness or calm .
When my head is exploding

And pain is pounding rocks at your memory.
How come the wind is not wailing
And the rain is not railing against the window pane ? Where is the thunder, where is the storm ?

Where is your shape, where is your form ?
How come there’s no sound ?
How come there’s no commotion or riot outside ? When there’s such a commotion and riot within ?

How come there’s an emptiness blacker than ink And a bottomless pit into which I will sink ? Solitary silence harnesses my grief.
Sleep eludes, and escapes my grasp.
How come the silence is so loud ? How come ?

© all rights are reserved and protected to the author D.D. 24th September 2020

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