Bubbly Tale By Goutam Dutta 💫 #ThriveTogether #wisewords #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1

Bubbly Tale

A bubble am I.

Born from confluence 

Of water and air;

Instantaneous in birth.

Wearing a sheen of light

I let go of my roots

And float about.

Perhaps of no use to anyone,

Except that little girl

Whose face lights up in a smile,

On seeing me dance

In the barmy breeze.

A bubble am I.

Carried by my brethren,

Savouring my moments;

My brief existence.

Nothing to lose nor gain

From the vagabond existence.

When its time,

I leave not a trace,

Before merging with my brethren.

© Copyright @ Goutam Dutta 2020

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