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The Night Of Broken Glass

The Night before the turning point of evil.

I take this time to honour

My Brothers

My sisters

And their children.

For your faith is the foundation of my faith.

The founding fathers of my faith.

Without your faith; mine would not exist.

Your faith unites in mine.

For without your faith; mine could not exist.

For centuries you have known nothing but pain.

So I choose to commemorate

So I choose to acknowledge

So I choose to keep my light on tonight.

To keep an eternal light on

To honour all those who were lost

To all those who lived through.

Yet; has this modern day society

learnt from the atrocities of the Holocaust; in WWII?

With fake news a rife;

Politicians set against each other,

Acts of terrorism on my fellow neighbours

For propaganda is still yet ravenous.

So again I say to you has this modern globe learned from the acts of the past?

This pandemic; for many serves only to remind them of their experiences that they endured and yet; survived.

Laying in the lies of history; while fragments salvaged from the past are Beacons of light for they show the truth.

Bystanders then and now

Perpetrators then and now

Living alongside survivors.

Yet; I loose not hope;

For I am moved by the social act of listening; for this is a Social Action.

The History of truth emerges from the dark;

Lost memories not overcome without remembering; to never be forgotten.

We shall learn from history!

For amidst this Pandemic

We shall all learn to help each other;

For amidst this Pandemic

We shall learn to support each other,

So that each of us may have freedom to worship without fear.

© all rights reserved & protected to the author Michelle written on 09/11/2020 to commemorate Kristallnacht

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