The unrequited pile of books By Sabdapalan 💫 #ThriveTogether #wisewords #mircopoem #WritingCommunity @CoffeeandaChat1

The pile of books
Left unread
Years, sitting on the shelf
Not quite forgotten
But never opened
Like a passing infatuation
That never quite leaves
Gently beckons
On a lonely day
But remains
Never expressed

© all rights reserved and protected by the author Sabdapalan 2020

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    1. I will pass this comment onto the author

      If you write poetry your works can be showcased here also

      It’s free… all authors copyrights are reserved and protected to them…

      Illustrating we our writing styles are unique as we each are and our styles grow with us; as we each do too!

      1. I think poetry is a reflection of the person’s personality if they are really into poetry.

        I really enjoy writing poetry. I definitely have a lot of room to grow.
        As I grow I still write. I feel I’m repetitive at times but if you write how you really feel its going to get repetitive.
        I feel I have a million amazing poems in my head I’m just searching for the words

        1. Would you consider sending any of your works to my email under my pseudo name: and I would gladly showcase your works on the website which is also linked to twitter?
          Chelle x

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