Yes, Those Words by Selly Agtus 💫 #ThriveTogether #wisewords #WritingCommunity #poem #poetry @CoffeeandaChat1

Yes,Those Words…
Day by day I try to limit every word I say, even writing I try not to be too pushy. But I myself was hurt by what I did. My thoughts drifted far, deep inside my heart I said “am I worthy?”
Yes, those words that I kept repeating over and over again, just for the sake of avoiding fear, fear of being hurt again. I’ve even built my wall defense to the highest level (although I don’t know what level is the highest level?) Maybe for me it is already the highest level. I try to open my heart … again. But the fear always arises continuously, the fear of being disappointed, hurt, betrayed, dumped … and there are many other terms such as heartbreak.I make time for myself, with the goal of “I need me time” okay, I did, but I still get back to the starting line of “am I worthy of being loved?”
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