The Unknown Soldier by Sandy 💫 #wisewords #ThriveTogether #WritingCommunity #poem #poetry #LestWeForget @Coffeeandachat1

I’ve laid here for a hundred years

And yet no one knows my name

One hundred years ago they brought me here

To help to ease their pain

The streets were lined with a hoard of faces

Each one claiming me as theirs

Silence reigned down upon them

And their cold, grieving stares

A helmet stood on my coffin

As I made my final journey

Slowly , slowly, my comrades at my side

They all were there for me.

Now today I hear your singing

As you lay poppies all around

Then You bow your heads in silence

As bells around the world resound.

No foot shall ever walk upon me

So remember me today, and every day

Remember all my friends here with me

As in your hearts we stay.

© Sandy

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