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With each

white frost noted

crisp step.

Marks the set

Of this

Years advent.

Sparks noted fires

Cracks and spits

Of embers


Oh so brightly

For each 12 days of Christmas 🎄

Yet we start

our count sooner!

The season of the

silent noted

snow flake storms.

Holds much mystery

For this is the season-

Which our fold welcomes

An intoxication of

gratitudes mindful sense-

With undertones of compassion

For this and every year

But more so

of this 2020 year

Through thick and thin

Reigned supreme

Though through

this years of adversity

Brought us closer

than ever before!

For without you

my family

None of our works

would be possible.

So on this day forth

We offer each other

Gifts from the heart

To bestow to each other

To mark the treasure

For with

this gift

I thee thank.

All we do

for one another!

Throughout the year

and all years

forward and back;

For without each of you

Naught of

What We could do

Could be done.

So here is my gift of thanks

to each member of my warm hearted clan.

My small little offering of thanks

that you are my family

and our love

Castles stand

the test of time.

Merry Christmas

Nadolig Llawen

© Michelle vs Myfanwy DEC-2020

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