Judgments Noticed!and Noted!

Judgements based on the substance quality and fibre within

The self in the younger years untreated bipolar where reality made no sense

Exclusion from those who they deemed me as a so say friend

Scared of teachers facing alcoholism triggered so much for me of my own actions and others in family

The opposite sex orchestrating situations to turn my friends against me

Due to the rumours being facted apparently

For all superimposed their interpretations on me as fact

Slag chanted at me rang and bellowed at 12+

Not knowing the meaning

I turned it into a term of endearment

So those around me also were blessed with this title.

Abusive relationships this vessel encountered then and now

Though now I’ve gained tools to stabilise my bipolar

A disability

Men published photos in my name

Against my name

Yet silence was the the price

For judged you all did.

Merit of character based on your facted opinions based only on the merit of the dollar and pounds euros in your banks

To lay their roots of shallow weeded views to another; is there a shift of change? For I scatter the seeds of an enhanced my boundaries to see I merit a moral compass my own unique for mistakes I have made

Though no vessel is without error

And I Reign supreme over the mastery of my stability

to notice, to see, to feel, to know!

To dispel and notice the unfacted based judgemental thoughts

To notice qualities that humans deem important they there treasure.

The path of noticing judgement led me to my greatest love story of freedom from the shackles of discrimination and hatred!

© Michelle 2016

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