Presenting…. Hey Little Plant by Gloria Koya

Hey Little Plant by Gloria Koya

Hey Little Plant!
Behold your leaves
With all the beauties they chant
And stop being naive.

Cheer up and listen! 
See how green they are,
That even Mother Sun has risen
To gaze it from afar:

You are strong and enough
So ignore the weeder’s lies,
For though the storm be tough,
You’ll never die.

Small might be your beginning,
But that’s not your all.
You’ll forever be attaining,
And your wins will have no walls.

Peel the veils cladding your eyes 
And, see what the future paints for you;
Never lose hold of this sight
Even when the light turns dark and blue.

Hey Little Plant!
I’m sure you have learnt this one thing 
To shut out every noise of ’can’t’
And to your Planter’s voice, gladly cling. 

©2021 Gloria Koya. All Rights Reserved.

From with love.