Break Free by Michelle

Today the quest with the pen

Today the quest with the ink

Today a quest to anthologise re begins

For this is a daily adventure that sometimes fades in this soul

With the ebb

and the flow

The rise and

The fall

Within this lullaby of life the heart with the hearted drum;

A unique pulse force within

Yet this life force cries;

And pleads

and longs

for alignment within!

For stability skills bring this

to this vessel housed soul.

This is my key to unlock this soul

to shine within.

Could this be yours to align also?

For with these words

I long to share as a

mutually aligned mantra

Sharing with you also;

To yes take stock

But yee not dwell.

And see only the lessons for the better best self of the morrow

Our sole competition

Comparison to others journey

To base your own on

Was another variable for exposing more bipolar manic highs; unleashed!

The bipolar of a genetic disorder on a certain chromosome

A hidden disability

Others face this in the limelight Stephen Fry to name one but there are many Catherine Zeta Jones

A lifelong condition

A hidden illness

So here with these words

to those who have share with me

a mental health condition

your wounds and

journey needs to be heard!

Break free from the shame

Break away from fear

Break away from the secret

Break away from the silence

Let our voices soar

as we unlock

the keys of each of our traumas

for there are so very many we unite on yet each story their own.

Let your stories be heard

For I know I am not alone.

So let’s shine a light on them together when each is ready in their own time at their own pace

and each can shine together

And each can thrive together

As we each strive together

There is no I in team.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

© Michelle 01-Feb-2021

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