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I carry many a label

But I am more

I carry many a scar

But I am more

I carry open wounds

But I am more

For I soar.

I soar through

I soar above

All The labels

All The myths

All The false iron clad judgments.

For yes I was bullied.

For yes I then mimicked what I didn’t understand

For I am not without sin

Yet neither are you!

For; my illed self reacted to shock in a different way in my teens through to my early thirties

Though none I told.

Two read my diaries growing up

Yet one was family member without consent and another a friend with my consent.

Help in this confusion I sought

Yet judgements found in this friend

Yet help I sought.

My family torn apart yet on my own I was.

Yet help I sought.

Yet love I sought.

Yet acceptance I sought.

Thereafter a dictatorship within the flanks of this flock then at school.

For I was one but I know others were also called out too yet you all hid behind me and my sins.

And yet each trauma lay in my teens and none you came to help or talk to me with support.

Now; with years past,

I feel; I see; I believe; I know—-

All events tested my resilience

All events tested my fortitude

All events tested my character.

And here I stand to say

I now face another day.

For I Faced all of my demons of the past sexual assaults and domestic abuse head on over and over again yet now they haunt not.

For I live to say

I am stronger than ever before;

for now

I carry a love and forgiveness for all assailants abusers friend or foe to say

They have scars

They have wounds

They have pasts

Could they have traumas too?

For We all do wrongs

We each are capable of them.

No life is ever truely innocent.

And we all have the power to make things right.

For leopards do change their spots.

For I am liberated from the bounds of suicidal plans and resentments

And I wish this for all.

The power To break our own negative cycles.

We each of us have our own battles to face.

And I have risen victorious against all mine

for I have faced them in their hundreds

and I have



& survived all.

Help came in many forms but I had to implement all on my own.

For I will always be ever grateful for all I faced for I am free from all the bounds the labels offer.

So I thank each of you positive or negative for without you I would not have learned to look for the good when the you can’t find the light.

So here on in ;

I pledge to start to live

And I choose life.

For I am more than a label!

© Michelle Feb-2021

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