For you; David Wyndham by Michelle

Words of your passing

Words of your tragic ends

Words of the moments before you passed on.

Words of who found you.

Reached my




Ears, Mind; Heart and soul.

For suicide was your ends.

For on the 7th of this month;

Suicide ripped you from us.

Your last moments of life

This the biggest tragedy

of all I’ve known l.

For 98 young

you were

when suicide

Ripped &

tore you from us.

Yet; I sit here and ask why?

Why am I still standing

& you were taken?

For this negative trill

lays in every mind

of every human.



to sound like our own voice.

Yet I stand and rise to say;

It’s an imposter

This is not our own voice!

stand firm against it;




no matter how it’s volume increases.

For on this sunny day

the 26th of this month;

I can see you taking us all to church in my primary school days.

And I smile back and dwell here for you were so happy.

On this day

Your vessel is laid to rest.

Where the birds joined in chorus for you

so loudly


in unison.

For they were crying with me.

So many robins skipping between the graves of our forgotten elders;

On this day.

For how can I celebrate your life;

knowing your ends.

I know your out of pain and torment;

At peace you are. I know and believe this with every fibre within.

So now;

here I stand to say

Writing to senedd and members of parliament so out of your tragedy

No more shall perish

This is my hope that this can be an isolated tragedy.

Yet; I see how suicide runs like a tsunami within the young; could this be a sign of what could follow within the elders?

I stand here to say to you;

how can we exert change for the better?

Within each crises agency

charity and statutory.

How can they know their failings?

if we don’t raise our voices;

So raise your concerns to the members who represent us

In the hope they can action change.

For David Wyndham we are to late

But may out of your story may many more be saved.

My hope

My plea

My wish

This is my hearts cry.

Suicide the sickness of the mind

Cancer the sickness of the body.

Yet we accept and treat the physical body

Yet we




All those who have

And had a sicknesses of the mind.

Michelle 27th Feb 2021 ©