STIGMA by Michelle

The politics within the

Schooled stance of judgement

When none have asked

Naught and none

Have asked the source



Bestowed on thee

For yes I am different

For yes I have a hidden disability

Triggered in another reaction to shock

Lay my prison

For this genetic disorder

Of Bipolar

Triggered & erupted

Due to the conventional reaction

To shock for promiscuity

Was my shock

My behaviour

An automnic storm

To feel anything

The journey lonely

For I made many wrongs

But so have all of you

Forgiveness and change of the person can be seen in pockets

Politics of the elders ravage these lands

For when will




And temperance

Be bestowed for I tried my best

But love I never found

When all the time the source provides the love within

So let’s raise our open hearted cups within to be filled from the source within

© Michelle apr-2021

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